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Halqa Arbab e Zuaq 7b Islamabad

Mandar Wali Gali
Mera Pehla Afsana Kanwal(1955)
Firdos Haider KI Ta Hall
Havia by Jamil Adeel
Ghar Main Batha Shakhs by Rafiq Sandeelvi
Present Crisis & Role of Writers
Manto Hamara Hamasar-Seminar
Mansha Yad K Muntkhib Afsanay by Iqbal Aafaqi
Salana Khutbah e Sadarat Halqa Khod
Zia Jallandhari Ki 85vee N Salgirha
Salgirha Ahmad Fraz
Muhammad Ilyas Ka Novel Kuher
Rizwana Syed Ki Kitab
Pazeeraee by 85 Writers
14 Dec 07(Kala Chanan)
ijlas 7 Dec 07
ijlas 30 Nov 07
Ijlas 23 Nov 07
Ijlas 16 Nov 07
Ijlas 9 Nov 07
Ijlas 2 Nov 07
Ijlas 26 oct 07
Ijlas 19 Oct 07
ijlas 5 oct 07
Ijlas 28 sep 07
Munir Muntzir Taqreeb
Sham e Mulaqat (Video)
Ijlas 14 Sept 07




Halqa Arbab e Zauq Islamabad is a purely literary Organization which is based in Islamabad.Its weekly meetings are held in Writer"s House of Pakistan Academy of Letters,Pitras Bukhari Road,Sector H-8,Islamabad on Friday evenings. Its membership is restricted to well educated persons with taste (Zauq) of literature & fine arts. There is no permanent president of Halqa but he or she is usually chosen in every meeting among the present participants.The Secretary & J.Secretary organize its meetings who are elected on yearly basis.However the meetings are open & there is no restriction to participate.
The reports with pictures of its meetings are uploaded by its founder member Mansha Yaad ( regularly.The reports or pictures can be down loaded from its site for newspapers or for the literary or education purpose.You may see its Constitution and regulations at the Main site & you may also see all the reports and pictures in Main Site (

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